5 Tips for Calming Dental Anxiety

Experiencing dental anxiety is perfectly normal and is incredibly common. Many people fear going to the dentist for several reasons. No matter your reason is, it is important to talk it over with your dentist and remember that they are there to help! Calm your nerves when going to the dentist with these 5 simple tips:


If you want to learn more about your appointment and what to expect, call your doctor in advance. This is a great way to learn exactly what is going to happen and how to prepare for it. If you are still nervous about the procedure, ask your dentist more about it when you arrive. The dentist will be able to take you step by step through the process. The dentist may also show you how the procedure works on a diagram or through images.

Express How You Feel

If at any time during your appointment you are feeling uncomfortable, tell your dentist how you feel. The dentist will give you a moment to breathe and let you know how the procedure is going. You can also raise your hand to let the dentist know that you feel uneasy.

Choose a Day That Works

If crowds make you more nervous and you do not like sitting in the waiting room for too long, then it is best to choose a time and day that not a lot of people would also go to. If it works with your schedule, try making an appointment early in the morning or when the dentist first opens so you can go first and don’t have to worry throughout the day about your impending appointment.


Listening to calming music before and during your dental appointment can help soothe your nerves. By listening to music before the appointment, you are putting your mind at ease and helping to keep a positive attitude. If the dentist allows it, you can even listen to the music during the procedure. Just sit back, relax, and focus on the beat of the music. Before you know it, your dental appointment will be over and your pearly whites will be shinning!

Bring Someone with You

If you are nervous about going to the dentist, bring someone with you to your dental appointment. Bringing someone with you can help you remain calm. When you are with someone, you will feel more relaxed and will have a sense of support.

At Premier Dental Associates, we want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about any of our procedures, please call us at 212-587-0202. We are always happy to help and make your experience with us as pleasant as possible!