A Healthy Smile Starts with Invisalign®

A healthy smile starts with Invisalign! With Invisalign, you will achieve a smile that is both cosmetically pleasing and beneficial to your well-being. Here is how Invisalign can help improve your oral health: 

Jaw Positioning and Bite 

A misaligned jaw can make it painful to open/close your mouth and chew food. This can cause headaches, jaw soreness, and even neck pain. Invisalign can correct these issues, ultimately improving your bite and properly adjusting the position of your jaw. 

Easier Cleaning 

When your teeth are properly positioned, they are easier to clean. Cleaning crooked teeth can be difficult, especially when it comes to flossing. Additionally, food tends to get caught in misaligned teeth, causing bacterial buildup. A straighter smile makes it easier to reach all teeth surfaces, clean in between each tooth, and keeps your gums healthy. This is important because it helps avoid plaque and dental decay. 

Improved Speech 

Did you know that Invisalign can help improve your speech? A misaligned jaw and teeth it may affect your pronunciation and cause a lisp or small whistle when you speak. Invisalign can improve these misalignment issues and help improve your speech. 

At Premier Dental Associates, our patients’ health is our number one priority. Our Platinum Plus Invisalign specialist, Dr. Ritholtz, will help you achieve a beautiful (and stronger) smile. If you would like to receive a free Invisalign virtual scan or would like to book a consultation with Dr. R, please call us at 212-587-0202. 

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