Cleaning your Invisalign Aligners

Yay to starting your Invisalign journey with us and achieving your dream smile! But, did you know that taking care of your aligners also affects your oral hygiene? In order to keep your aligners clean and prevent discoloration make sure to follow these steps:

Soaking: Soak your aligners and clean them with a clear anti-bacterial soap, Invisalign’s cleaning crystals or a clear denture cleaner. Do not use toothpaste or colored soap to clean your aligners. Abrasive ingredients in the toothpaste and colored soap may cause discoloration, dullness, and damage. 

Cleaning: Use a separate toothbrush with soft bristles to gently clean away any food particles that may have gotten caught in your aligners. Be careful! Brushing them too hard with your toothbrush can cause scratches, so make sure to take it easy on your aligners. 

Rinsing: When food particles and dried saliva get caught in your aligners, bacteria can grow and damage your teeth. Always make sure to rinse your aligners when you take them off and to brush your teeth before re-inserting them. This is especially true when waking up in the morning and taking them off to eat. 

Always bring your case: Never leave your aligners out in the open. It is unsanitary, as bacteria can build-up on your aligners. Make sure to never leave the house without your case. If you forget your case and do take out your aligners, make sure to rinse them before using again. 

Keeping your aligners clean is important! If you don’t take care of your aligners, it can damage your oral health. If you have any questions about Invisalign or would like to learn more about the process, please call us at 212-587-0202.

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