Dental Emergencies

Caring for your teeth is extremely important. If you feel any tooth discomfort or encounter a dental injury, it is always best to contact us right away. Below are different types of dental injuries that need immediate attention from a medical professional: 

Cracked or Chipped Tooth
A chipped or cracked tooth may occur after an injury to your face, biting on hard foods, or a decayed tooth. When a tooth is filled with decay and you do not get it treated, the tooth becomes weak and can crack. There are several ways to fix a cracked tooth and it depends on the cause. Please make sure to visit us as soon as possible so we can nurse your tooth back to health! 

Tooth Pain and Discomfort
Tooth pain and discomfort can be due to an array of causes. In general, tooth discomfort is caused by decay or an infection. An infection in the gums cause also cause dental pain. It is always best to visit us for regular dental checkups to make sure your teeth are healthy from decay. If you do not take care of the decay, it can spread down to your tooth’s pulp
and roots (then a root canal is needed). Remember to take care of your teeth on a daily basis to help prevent further dental issues. 

Jaw Injury
An injury to the jaw can be caused by playing contact sports, vehicle accidents, or falling on your face. Those with a jaw injury may experience face numbness, facial swelling and bleeding, and jaw stiffness. In the event of a jaw injury, wrap a bandage around your head and jaw to keep it from moving. Then, seek medical attention straight away. Treatments for a jaw injury may include surgery to shift your jaw back into place. Visiting a medical professional is important because a jaw injury makes it difficult for a person to breathe and talk. 

Tooth Loss
A knocked out tooth is a serious dental injury and should be treated right away. One of the biggest causes of tooth loss is an injury from playing contact sports. In order to salvage the knocked-out tooth, it is important to keep it damp. If possible, see if you can place the tooth back into its socket. If not, place the tooth in a container filled with milk and keep a cold compress on your tooth’s socket to suppress the bleeding. If the tooth cannot be saved, we will look at other options such as
dental implants. Nevertheless, it is vital to wear a mouth guard while playing any kind of sport. 

Tooth Filling and Crown Loss
In some cases, a dental filling or crown may become loose and fall out. If your dental filling or crown falls out, you will experience tooth sensitivity and discomfort. Be sure to contact us if this occurs. Usually, dental crown loss occurs because of dental decay. It is important to refill in your lost dental filling and correct the dental decay that was underneath your dental crown. This will prevent future complications and keep out any infections.