Denture Care

When it comes to dentures, did you know that there are two types available? Let’s evaluate the different types and determine which removable denture is best for you:

When all your teeth are missing, complete dentures are the solution. There are two kinds of complete dentures, immediate and conventional. When gums and teeth have been cleaned, there is an 8-12-weeks healing time. After this time period has passed, conventional dentures can then be fitted. The denture is made from an acrylic base that matches your gums.

On the other hand, immediate dentures are created ahead of time. This allows the patient to receive their dentures and oral cleaning during the same visit; there is no wait time to wear the dentures after the cleaning. However, while immediate dentures give you an instant aesthetically pleasing look, they do require adjustment over time. This is because gums shift during the healing process and your dentures will need to be updated accordingly.

Partial dentures are placed when some of your teeth are missing and some of your natural teeth are still intact. A removable denture that matches your natural gums is attached to a metal piece, which helps prevent it from shifting. One benefit of a partial denture is that it prevents your natural existing teeth from moving out of place. If you feel that would like a more permanent solution, partial dentures can be attached to dental implants.

Denture Care:
After several impressions and adjustments of your jaw have been made, you are ready to wear your dentures. Dentures will need some getting used to at first. We recommend to start by eating foods that are soft and easy to chew. Once you have a feel for your new dentures, you can eat the foods you love again. However, be wary of hot and hard foods that can disrupt your dentures. Also, the length of time dentures should be worn depends on the individual.

Proper care of your dentures is critical. To begin, brush your dentures daily because food can cause plaque buildup and stain your dentures. Remember to use an approved denture cleaner and not toothpaste for longer lasting dentures.

During your appointment at Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan, we will answers any questions you may have and provide you with detailed denture care. If any further questions should arise about how to clean or store your dentures, we are always here to help!