Dr. Ajay Malhotra, DMD


Dr. Ajay Malhotra, DMD

Dr. Ajay Malhotra sees patients at the Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan. He looks after the community of New York, NY, and is a dentist with training in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Patients see Dr. Malhotra for a host of reasons, including, fillings, implants, tooth decays, and gum surgeries.

Dr. Malhotra graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned his dental degree. He recognizes that many patients may not be completely comfortable with visiting a dentist. Hence, he endeavors to make dental visits a low-stress experience with minimal discomfort.

Dr. Malhotra looks forward to working with his patients to help provide preventative care education and practice healthy oral hygiene. He and his team are there to ensure that his patients have a positive experience at the clinic.

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