Effects of Stress on Your Teeth

Your mouth may not be one of the first areas you think about when it comes to stress, but it turns out your oral health can be directly affected in a very negative way. Maintaining your overall health and keeping a positive attitude goes a long way when it comes to your dental health. Stress can lead to the following dental issues:

Eating Habits

Sometimes stress alters our eating habits. When we’re under pressure, either at work or during the school year, we tend to eat more unhealthy foods. Not only is this bad news for our overall heath, but it can affect our teeth too. When we consume too much sugar and foods high in acid, such as coffee, our teeth suffer the consequences. And on top of that, if we eat poorly and neglect our dental hygiene, our teeth can develop cavities and gums become infected.


Do you wake up with headaches and jaw pain? Well, you might be grinding your teeth at night and not even know it! Stress leads to teeth bruxism, which can wear down the teeth and cause more serious disorders such as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome). You may be even grinding and clenching your teeth during the day! It is important to be mindful of teeth clenching and visit us if you feel any facial, teeth, or jaw pain!

Immune System and Mouth Sores

Stress can cause immune system issues, which can weaken your ability to fight infections. In regard to your dental health, a suppressed immune system can decrease your ability to fight off gum disease. Gum disease can become a serious condition if you do not seek immediate medical attention. Additionally, canker sores, grey or white spots in your mouth, can also be triggered by emotional stress. Your immune system can also have something to do with the sores; it’s your body’s way of protecting you against germs.

All in all, stress can have an impact on your oral health and it is important to be wary of the warning signs. Visit Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan if you are experiencing any tooth discomfort. Remember, it is vital to brush and floss your teeth daily to help fight decay and to keep your pearly whites clean!