First Dental Visit

Regular dental checkups while your child is growing is an important part of ensuring your child’s overall health. However, it is common for children (and some adults!) to be nervous prior to visiting their dentist. Below, we’ve gathered tips for a child’s first dental visit but some tips are just as good for nervous adults too!

  1. Start your child’s dental visits at a young age. This way, they practice good dental hygiene right from the start and to avoid complications later down the road. We recommend bringing your baby to us before their first birthday, when their teeth are beginning to appear.
  2. Meet our dentists and have a tour of Premier Dental Associates! We’ll introduce your child to our dentists and familiarize you and your child with the dental practice and what happens during regular check-ups.
  3. Make your child feel more comfortable by ensuring good hygiene at home. When your baby’s teeth first come in, start to brush with a soft brush with a small handle and at most use a rice grain size of toothpaste. When they’re around 3 years old, you can use a pea-sized amount. Familiarity with a toothbrush will make their first experience of the dentist and dental equipment less scary.
  4. Remember that you can sit with your child while their teeth are being examined in the practice. You can also bring your child’s favorite small toy to help them feel more comfortable and distracted during their first visit. Have your child hold it in their hands to keep them calmer.

Everyone’s first visit to the dentist will always be a little stressful, but following our advice can definitely help soothe their nerves. Educating your child and having them become familiar with the dental process will lessen their fears and make good dental hygiene something to strive for. At Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan, your child’s health and smile are our number one priority!