Foods That Whiten Your Teeth

As we all know, taking care of your oral health is extremely important and a healthy diet is key to healthy teeth. But did you know that some foods can also naturally brighten your teeth? Let’s learn more about foods that can whiten your smile: 

Cheese and Milk 

The calcium and lactic acid in milk/cheese help whiten your teeth and strengthen your gums. Further, a protein called casein helps keep minerals in your tooth’s enamel and prevent tooth decay. Eating a slice of cheese will also help remove any food that has built up on your teeth and could cause discoloration.

Apples and Strawberries 

Apples and strawberries have many dental health benefits! Because of its high-water content and crunchy texture, apples create salvia and help keep your gums strong. Salvia is produced by the malic acid in apples; Saliva is important to your oral health because it washes away harmful tooth staining bacteria! Strawberries can also help whiten your teeth. Strawberries also contain malic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants. All these nutrients help protect your gums against inflammation and rid of bacteria that can discolor your teeth. However, they are also high in acid so have a little water after eating and brush your teeth thirty minutes after snacking on these fruits. 

Broccoli and Carrots 

Broccoli is a natural toothbrush! Because of its coarse texture, broccoli helps remove food and bacteria from your teeth. The iron in the broccoli also helps strengthen your enamel and protect it against bacteria. Furthermore, carrots will help keep your teeth pearly white and smooth! Just like apples, carrots have a high-water content that flushes out bacteria and prevent more from sticking to your teeth. Another reason to make sure you eat your veggies!

Nuts and Raisins 

The rough texture of walnuts, almonds, and other nuts help scrub away bacteria and food from your teeth. They almost act as an exfoliator for your teeth, leaving them nice and smooth. Raisins, however, seem to stick to your teeth and contain sugar. But, studies have shown that raisins help create salvia; which keep out plaque and other harmful bacteria. Just make sure to brush your teeth and floss daily. You can also chew sugarless gum to keep your mouth clean after to remove any stubborn pieces of food.

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