Good Foods for Your Dental Health

What we eat affects our oral health. It is important to note that limiting the amount of snacks you consume and maintaining a healthy diet is best for your dental hygiene. Here are some foods that are healthy for your teeth and gums, contain vital minerals and vitamins, and prevent tooth decay.

Cheese and Yogurt 
Keeping your enamel strong is key to maintaining your dental health. The calcium found in cheese does just that! Because cheese tends to stick to our teeth while eating, it creates a natural barrier to keep out acids that may affect the enamel. Much like cheese, yogurt is also packed with calcium and probiotics. The probiotics help keep out decay and flush away bacteria that can be harmful to your gums. Both of these foods are also full of Vitamin D, which helps prevent tooth loss by building strong teeth and bones.

Apples and Tea 
Apples are great teeth cleaners. Because they contain a large amount of fiber and water, apples can help rid of bacteria between the teeth and gums. Black tea can also protect your teeth against bacteria. The polyphenols flush away plaque that can build up and cause tooth decay later on. If you are a tea drinker, then keep on drinking! However, the tannin can stain your teeth but a splash of milk in your cup will help prevent discoloration from occurring.

Carrots and Celery
Full of Vitamin A, carrots are great for dental health because their crunchiness develops saliva, which helps clear away plaque between your teeth. Similarly, celery is filled with water and vitamins A and C, promoting healthy gums. Vitamin C especially helps fight against bacterial infections and cell damage that can be harmful to your gums. Both of these foods also help freshen breath.

Greens and Proteins 
Greens, such as spinach, contain a form of Vitamin B called folic acid that helps with cellar growth and prevents gum disease. Great sources of protein include: almonds, cashews, meat, poultry, and fish. A cashew’s shell oil contains microbes that help prevent tooth decay. They are also high in phosphorus and will keep the enamel from wearing down. Also, almonds are especially good for your dental health because they packed with calcium and do not have a lot of sugar.

These foods will help lead you straight to strong dental health when combined with brushing your teeth twice a day! At Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan, we want our patient’s dental health to be the best it can be.