Inside our Latest Technologies

At Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan, we use the latest dental technology to provide patients with the most advanced oral care. These innovative technologies also help us to identify oral problems faster and allow us to prevent future complications. Here are our top five technological advancements:

  1. Cone Beam Scanner This relatively new technology makes your teeth visible in 3D in comparison to traditional 2D scanners used elsewhere. Creating a 3D scan of your mouth helps our dentists identify underlying dental issues more easily.
  2. CAD/CAM Systems Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Milling systems are truly one of a kind. These technologies make it simple to receive dental implants and crowns because the exact dimensions of your mouth are recorded and used to create your ideal implant! This also eliminates the need for multiple dental visits because a tooth can be replaced in just one session!
  3.  Lasers Did you know that using lasers actually reduces the level of pain felt by a patient? The incredible accuracy of lasers also makes it easier for our dentists to make exact incisions, no drilling required. Lasers also lower the amount of healing and surgery time.
  4. Microscopes and Imaging With this technology, it’s all in the detail. Microscopes and imagining are primarily used during endodontic (procedures involving a tooth’s interior) treatments. High quality videos and photography allow our dentists to take a closer look at problem areas and ensure all issues are treated, preventing further.
  5.  Digital X-Ray: Using digital x-rays allows our dentists to capture images in just seconds without having to wait for film to develop. With monitors in every surgery, we can also magnify x-rays and show you what issues there may be and how we will solve them.