Invisalign® Vs. Braces

There are many ways to fix the appearance of your teeth, but which is the best option? Let’s look at Invisalign versus traditional wire braces: 

Appearance and Wear Time

Clear Invisalign aligners are basically unnoticeable, removable and made with SmartTrack® material that fits your teeth comfortably! For the best results, you will need to wear your aligners for about 22 hours a day. Traditional braces, however, are made of wires and brackets and are not removable like Invisalign aligners. This can be uncomfortable for some and can even irritate the gumline, lips and cheeks. Further, wires sometime break, which requires emergency visits to the dentist. 

Eating and Drinking 

Invisalign aligners can easily be removed for eating and drinking, whereas traditional wire braces cannot. Make sure to clean your Invisalign aligners and rinse your mouth before re-inserting them after eating and drinking. 

Cleaning Your Teeth at Home

Traditional braces can make it difficult to clean your teeth at home. The wires and brackets do not allow for a thorough clean and easy flossing. On the other hand, Invisalign aligners can be removed, so cleaning your teeth is a breeze! 

Dental Visits and Length of Treatment 

With Invisalign, you may have to change your aligners about every two weeks or so. This all depends on your unique case. When it comes to traditional braces, the wires and brackets will have to be adjusted about every 4 weeks. With Invisalign, your dream smile can be completed in about 5 months to a year, whereas it might take up to two years with traditional braces. 

At Premier Dental Associates, Invisalign is the clear choice! To book an appointment with our Invisalign specialist, Dr. Ritholtz, please call us at 212-587-0202 or schedule online here