Is Chocolate Good for your Teeth?

Everyone loves chocolate! But is it good for your dental health? The answer might just surprise you! 

Chocolate and other sweet treats are generally considered bad for your teeth. When you consume foods that are high sugar, bacteria in your mouth turns that sugar into acid. This eventually leads to tooth decay. However, chocolate can be beneficial to your dental health (When consumed in moderation, of course). Let’s take a look: 

Type of Chocolate

There are three different types of chocolate: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. So, which type of chocolate is the healthiest option? Drum roll…. dark chocolate! Be sure to choose dark chocolate that is 70% cocoa and has about 6-8 grams of sugar per serving!


Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants. Did you know that chocolate actually has four times more antioxidants than green tea? Wow! Antioxidants in chocolate work to prevent harmful bacteria from changing into acids and can reduce inflammation. Thus, antioxidants can help fight gum swelling from periodontal disease. 

Fun Fact: When a person has periodontal disease, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and reach their heart. Antioxidants from dark chocolate can help reduce the spread of bacteria and promote good heart health. 

Other Benefits 

Dark Chocolate also contains tannins and polyphenols. Tannins give dark chocolate their color and bitter taste. Tannins are amazing because they help stop plaque from forming! But, be careful! Foods that are high in tannins can also stain your teeth. Additionally, polyphenols found in dark chocolate can help reduce bad breath and bacteria in your mouth. 

Remember, sweet treats can still have a negative effect on your dental health and overall health. It is always important to consume these foods in moderation while maintaining a healthy diet.

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