Post-Op: Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can protect your teeth from tooth decay. When bacteria feed on leftover food particles, they cause cavities. Let’s take a closer look at dental sealants and how they can help keep your teeth healthy:

What are dental sealants?
Dental sealants are thin plastic-like coatings that are bonded to the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Back teeth, such as pre-molars and molars, contain fissures (small grooves in teeth) where bacteria can build- up and cause cavities. Sealants work to guard a tooth’s enamel and prevent any harmful bacteria from damaging your teeth. 

*Remember, keeping up with your at-home dental routine is also an important part to keeping your teeth strong.

Who can get dental sealants?
Adults can get dental sealants but they are usually placed on children’s teeth. Receiving dental sealants at an early age is beneficial because it protects teeth from cavities as soon as they develop. This ultimately leads to less dental complications in the future.

What happens after dental sealants? 
After the dental sealant is placed on your tooth, you may feel it for up to 24 hours after the procedure. During this time period, it is also best to avoid sticky, chewy, or hard foods such as gum. These types of food can damage dental sealants.

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