Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan Break Down Teeth Cleaning: How Often Should You Get Them Done?

Dental cleanings should be part of every healthy dental hygiene routine.  The debate has always been up on whether a person should visit their dentist for dental cleanings once or twice a year.  But how often should you visit your dentist in NYC for a routine cleaning? And why?

In the perfect world, a person brushes their teeth twice a day and flosses every single night before bed.  But we all know that sometimes keeping up the maintenance can prove difficult. A lot of things factor in how often you should visit your NYC dentist.  Your dental habits come into play.  If you don’t have the habit of brushing twice (for at least two minutes) and flossing daily, if your diet isn’t the best for your teeth, and depending on how fast you have calculus buildup you should visit your hygienist in 6-month intervals.

Visiting your Premier Dental Hygienist in NYC twice a year ensures that you keep your mouth at optimal health levels and also helps diagnose any problems early enough to fix them! It also helps promote continuous healthy dental hygiene habits and helps you form a relationship with the dentist office in NYC you visit.

Discussing with your dentist how often you should visit for routine cleanings is the best way to find out exactly what schedule will work for you.
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