Protecting your Teeth During Sports

Protecting your teeth while playing sports is important! Whether you play football, boxing, or any other contact sport, your teeth are at risk for serious damage. Without proper coverage, sports players often break or chip their teeth, dislocate their jaws, or even lose teeth thanks to accidents that regularly occur during matches. We want our patients to maintain their beautiful and healthy smiles, so let us help you keep your teeth safe!

You can protect your teeth and avoid serious dental injuries with something as simple as a mouth guard.  Mouth guards act as shield, protecting your gums and teeth from shock and external forces. Although sports helmets help prevent harm to your teeth, a mouth guard provides extra security and peace of mind. A fitted mouth guard absorbs the energy created upon impact with another player, ball, or any other sports equipment…Phew!

There are two types of mouth guards that can be used:


For store-bought mouth guards, you have to bite down on a warmed plastic piece to take the shape of your teeth. However, mouth guards from the store can sometimes make it uncomfortable to breathe at times and often have a loose fit. No one wants to worry about a mouth guard falling out while playing a sport!

Dentist Made:

Using a special mold, we will be able to take an accurate impression of your teeth and then create your custom mouth guard for optimal protection! Although it is important for everyone to achieve a perfect fit, it is extremely vital for those who have braces. Also, keep in mind that is essential to monitor your mouth guard fit and receive new ones as your mouth changes, especially for young children with growing teeth.

At Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan, safety is our primary concern. If you are playing sports this Spring or anytime in the future, please contact us to keep your pearly white protected. If you should have any questions, feel free to call us at 212-587-0202 or chat with us on our website!