Sleep Bruxism

If you constantly wake up with a headache and jaw pain in the morning, then you many have sleep bruxism. Bruxism is when a person clenches or forcefully grinds their teeth. Nighttime grinding can be very harmful to your teeth over time and cause various dental issues. It is important to take care of bruxism right away to protect your smile from further damage and prevent serious dental complications.

Causes and Symptoms:
Anxiety, stress, fatigue, and sleep apnea are all common causes of sleep bruxism. One of the more serious causes of nocturnal grinding is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when people have trouble breathing at night due to airway blockage from relaxed throat muscles. If you have sleep apnea, your doctor will examine your specific case and suggest treatment that is best for you. Further, people with sleep bruxism may experience headaches, jaw and face pain, ear aches, and sore gums. 

In general, it is best to protect your teeth by wearing a soft plastic mouth guard at night. If you do not, you are running the risk of chipping your teeth, tooth decay, and wearing down your enamel. For others, it may also help to complete jaw exercises regularly. Other ways to help stop sleep bruxism is trying not to clench your teeth that often, avoiding caffeine and drinking plenty of water, and avoiding chewing gum. Premier Dental Associates can go over the right steps for you and create a custom mouth guard to help protect your teeth at night.

Although not a serious condition in the same league as an infection, sleep bruxism can lead to other serious dental complications down the road if not treated properly. Our patients’ health is our top priority. If you think you have sleep bruxism or wake up in the morning with any of the above symptoms, please call us at 212-587-0202 or chat with us on our website through our unique chat feature. We are always here and happy to help!