Teeth Damaging Drinks

The drinks we enjoy play an important role in our oral health. While water promotes good tooth health by neutralizing acids and re-mineralization, others damage our enamel and can cause decay. Here are some of the drinks you should avoid in order to maintain a pristine smile:  

Sodas: Both sugar free and sugar-full beverages wear down your teeth. Sugar is bad enough, but then the added carbonation works to erode your enamel.

Sports Drinks: Contains a lot of sugar and acids that can cause tooth decay such as cavities. Try to drink water instead.

Coffee: If consumed too frequently, coffee can stain your teeth and dry your mouth. It can also be damaging to your teeth if you add too much sugar or cream.

Wine: Red wine, especially, can cause teeth stains and is highly acidic.

It is also important to note that ice is also very harmful to your teeth. Please try to avoid chewing on it, for it may crack your teeth.

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