Teeth Damaging Foods

The foods we eat play an important role in our oral health. While some foods promote good tooth

health, such as leafy greens and cheese, others damage our enamel and can cause decay. Here are

some of the foods you should avoid in order to maintain a pristine smile:


Acidic Foods:

Foods containing citrus can cause damage to your enamel and weaken the dentine inside your

teeth. The acidic make up of citrusy foods is what can thin your enamel and make it less strong.

When this happens, your teeth become more sensitive and discolored. You may know the usual

suspects like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, but any tomato dish is likely to be acidic. Enamel-

weakening foods include pasta sauces and ketchup. Watch out for salad dressings, which often

have an acidic pH due to the vinegar content.


Sticky Foods:

Although packed with nutrients, dried fruit also contains a hefty amount of sugar that can remain

on your teeth because of the sticky sweet insides of dried fruit. Of course, chewy candy takes this

to the next level and their sticky-like texture latches onto our teeth and builds up over time by

design. Sadly, childhood favorite peanut butter and jelly can all cause plaque buildup on teeth if

not monitored closely. The sticky peanut butter works to stick the sugary jelly to our teeth, where

the bacteria can cause harm.



Composed of refined carbohydrates, potato chips eventually break down into sugar. When the

sugar combines with bacteria, lactic acid is formed. Thus, potato chips can erode your teeth and

weaken your enamel. Popcorn also gets stuck in-between your teeth, breaking down into lactic

acid. Chewing a kernel can also crack your teeth if they’re weakened.

Steps to avoid tooth damage by food:

1. When eating foods with high acidity, try to eat foods that contain minerals such as calcium

and phosphorus to counteract it. Foods containing these minerals are whole grains, eggs,

and cheese.

2. Use fluoride-containing toothpaste twice a day, waiting 30 minutes after eating to brush

your teeth. You can also use a fluoride mouth rinse to help build your enamels strength

and prevent erosion.

3. Visit Premier Dental Associates for a checkup twice a year so that we can assess your

enamel and keep it strong.

4. Keep out acids by drinking water and chewing sugar free gum. This will keep your mouth

moist and help the flow of salvia, which neutralizes acids.


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