Tips for Teething Babies

Teething can be an uncomfortable time for your baby. It is important to soothe your baby and to help ease teething symptoms. Typically, your little one will start teething at about 6 months old, although it can start earlier at 3 months.

Signs that your baby is teething include: 
  • Excessively Drooling (This can lead to skin irritation on the face so be sure to clean drool with a soft towel or cloth)
  • Chewing on toys or their fingers
  • Crankiness, fussing, and trouble sleeping at night
  • Sore and swollen gums
  • Mild fever (about 99-100 degrees)
  • Loss of appetite

It is normal for your baby to experience these symptoms 3-5 days before a tooth protrudes through the gums. After the tooth has erupted, the discomfort will go away. Usually, the two bottom front teeth and four upper front teeth are the first to grow in. Fun Fact: at three years old, your baby will have 20 primary (baby) teeth!

What can you do at home to comfort your baby?

There are many at-home remedies you can use to comfort your baby from teething. First, consider using a cold teething ring or washcloth. You can chill the ring in the refrigerator before giving it your baby. This will help relieve pressure from the teeth growing in. You can also gently massage your baby’s gums with a damp gauze pad. Note: make sure your hands and fingers are clean before using a gauze pad.

Lastly, feeding your baby cold foods will help alleviate the pain. Chilled applesauce, cooled cucumber or banana slices, cold water or even teething biscuits are all great foods to feed your baby. Please make sure to that your baby is under adult supervision when trying all of these at-home remedies.

If you have any concerns, please contact your baby’s pediatrician or Premier Dental Associates at 212-587-0202 right away! Remember to book an appointment with us as soon as your baby’s first tooth comes in! Keeping their teeth healthy from the very start is our number one priority!