Traveling with Invisalign®

It’s vacation time! If you are doing any last-minute summer vacationing, here are our helpful tips for traveling with your Invisalign aligners: 

Be Prepared 

Think ahead! If you know you’re going to be away during your next Invisalign appointment, be sure to book an early meeting with us so that we can prepare the next set of trays for you. This will ensure that your Invisalign journey stays on track!

What to Take

It’s a good idea to bring your current, previous and new set of Invisalign aligners with you during your travels. These backups are useful in case you lose your current aligners or they break. Another tip would be to take an extra Invisalign storage case with you and leave it in your bag. This way, if you leave your other case behind at the hotel, you will have another one on hand.

Where to put them

Make sure to keep your Invisalign aligners close by when traveling. Avoid leaving them in your luggage (baggage can become lost or delayed!) and keep them in your carry-on.

Invisalign Hygiene 

After every meal, make sure to at least rinse your aligners and mouth before re-inserting them. Once you get back to your accommodation, remember to take the time and clean your aligners thoroughly. Not properly cleaning your aligners and teeth can cause bacteria build-up and also discolor the trays. 

At Premier Dental, we understand that our patients have busy schedules. If you are traveling and need your Invisalign trays earlier, please let us know. Bon voyage and safe travels!

To book an appointment with our Invisalign specialist, Dr. Steven Ritholtz, click here or call us at 212-587-0202.