Ways to Cut Sugar

Consuming too much sugar will have a negative impact on your overall health and dental health. Consistently high sugar levels result in increased blood glucose levels and weight gain. As for your dental health, bacteria in your mouth takes the sugar you consume and produces acid. This acid eventually breaks down your teeth and causes tooth decay/cavities. Thus, it is important to be aware of the amount of sugar you eat and drink. Here are some ways that you can cut down your sugar intake: 

Skip Adding Sugar

If you’re adding sugar to cereal, coffee and tea, you’re harming your teeth! Too much added sugar can build up on your teeth and cause decay. Ease your way into cutting out sugar by adding less to your food/beverages every day or using a sugar substitute. 

Soft Drinks 

Soft drinks, like soda, are packed with sugar and will damage your teeth over time. When buying drinks, make sure to read the nutrition labels and look for beverages that are low in sugar or are “unsweetened.” Water is always the best option because it helps flush away any decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. 


When eating fruit cups or pre-diced fruits, choose fruit packaged in their natural juices or water. Avoid those canned in sugary syrup. Also, be mindful of the sugar in store-bought smoothies. Buying frozen or fresh fruit and making your own smoothie at home is a healthier option. 


Who doesn’t love dessert?! However, almost all desserts contain high levels of sugar. When baking at home, there are several ways to reduce sugar. For example, instead of adding sugar to your recipes, add applesauce. You can also replace sugar with spices such as cinnamon or add half the amount of sugar a recipe calls for. Cutting sugar doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor! 

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