White Spots on Teeth

Do you have stubborn white spots on your teeth? These white spots can be due to plaque build-up, excess fluoride intake, and many other causes. Let’s take a look:


Demineralization occurs when you do not take proper care of your teeth. When you do not brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis, plaque grows and white spots start to appear. Plaque can also build up on your teeth from dry mouth (no saliva means no flushing away bacteria) and acidic foods. Bacteria then starts to feed on the plaque and create acid. This acid then forms white spots on your teeth…yuck!


Fluorosis can also cause white spots on your teeth. Fluoride is used to strengthen your teeth as they develop. Fluoride can be applied as a treatment by one of our dentists, be in toothpaste or mouthwash, found in certain supplements or in the water you drink. However, too much fluoride can change the color of your enamel. If you feel you or your child is ingesting excessive amounts of fluoride, please contact us right away. 

Other Causes

Wearing braces and at-home whitening strips can also cause white spots on your teeth. Although you may think that whitening strips will give you a bright smile, they can also cause your enamel to wear down and have uneven coloring. If you have any questions about teeth whitening, please give us a call or we will be happy to discuss them with you at your next appointment! Additionally, because it can sometimes be hard to clean areas of your tooth’s surface while wearing braces, white spots can form. Make sure to floss your teeth and to brush thoroughly every day. 

Prevention and Treatment 

There are several actions you can take to prevent and treat white spots on your teeth:
  • Avoid eating foods that are high in salt, sugar or acid, such as coffee
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Make sure to consume foods that are high in calcium, such as milk
  • Microabrasion: This procedure is done in-office and will help ease the appearance of white spots by removing a small layer of your enamel. 
  • Porcelain Veneers: for severely damaged teeth, porcelain veneers can improve the overall appearance of your teeth.
At Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan, your teeth are our number one priority. If you have white spots on your teeth, please reach us at 212-587-0202 or make an appointment with us online. Our dental experts will help you smile again!