Why is Having a Good Bite Important?

Are you considering Invisalign for a straighter, healthier smile? Invisalign does more than just straightening your smile, it can also help with your bite.

Problems with Misaligned Jaw

When chewing, your jaw muscles release a large amount of force on your teeth. If your jaw is misaligned (also called malocclusion), it can affect your teeth and lead to other problems such as headaches, neck pain, tooth wear, and jaw pain or soreness.  Some common types of malocclusions include:
  • Overbite: The top set of teeth extend over your bottom set of teeth, sometimes reaching the gumline.
  • Overjet: When the top set of teeth “protrude” over the bottom set of teeth. This type of malocclusion can lead to speech and chewing issues.
  • Open bite: When the top front teeth do not extend properly over the bottom front teeth.
  • Teeth Crowding: Little space in-between teeth. This causes crooked teeth that are difficult to maintain and clean.

Benefits of a Good Bite

Having a good bite is important because it will help eliminate other dental issues. A good bite can help with chewing, improve speech, improve your smile, and prevent strain on your jaw and teeth.

Invisalign treatment can help improve your bite and overall dental health. If you think you are experiencing dental discomfort from a misaligned bite, Platinum Plus provider  Dr. Ritholtz is here to help! Too book a consultation or free Invisalign virtual scan with us, call us at 212-587-0202 or schedule an appointment online. At Premier Dental Associates, your smile matters to us!