Why is Pediatric Dentistry So Important? At Premier Dental Your Child’s Smile Matters

Pediatric Dentistry Premier Dental Associates Lower Manhattan

Getting your child to care for their teeth early on is a pivotal part of their growing pains.  Teaching kids at a young age about brushing their teeth and flossing are essential parts of the process, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on your child’s pediatric dentist appointments.  In fact, getting your child in to a pediatric dentist in New York is an integral part of ensuring that your child will grow to have a bright smile and also can help pinpoint any dental issues before they become severe or permanent. 

But what takes place at a pediatric dentistry in the financial district NY appointment? At these appointments your child usually goes through a standard cleaning procedure, and inspection of teeth for common issues like cavities. 

It is recommended that you bring your child to their first pediatric dentist appointment right around the time their first tooth comes in although you can wait.  However, if your child’s teeth are somewhat discolored it is recommended you make that visit as soon as possible.  At Premier Dental in New York City we work closely with parents to figure out the best dental care plan for their children.  Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Paula Ancelson, treats our little patients and has years of pediatric dentistry and adolescent dentistry experience.  Among some of the pain points parents often ask about are pacifiers and thumb-sucking, for which there are tips and tools that can help eliminate these habits before they become damaging to teeth. 

The best dentists in New York City can be found within the offices of Premier Dental and we are always here to answer any questions regarding pediatric dentistry and what it entails.  Ensuring that your child maintains a healthy relationship with the dentist, starts with you!